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The Life of Philip Rosseter (b. 1567/8; d. London May 5, 1623)
- Lute song composer - Royal lutenists in the Court of James I.
- Friend of Thomas Campion. - Theater and acting troupe manager.

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The Complete Works Of Philip Rosseter
Philip Rosseter Time Line
Printers & Booksellers
Bookes --------- -- Dedicates
(1596) A new Booke of Tabliture for the Orpharion' by William Barley (Works Part 1.)
(1601) A Book of Ayres -- Sir Thomas Monson (Works Part 1.)
(1609) Lessons for the Consort -- (Works Part 2.)
Works of Philip Rosseter found in Manuscripts (Works Part 3.)
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Rosseter' Association with;
Robert Jones
- my Life of Robert Jones page.
Thomas Campion
Sir Thomas Monson
Charles Fitzgeoffrey & John Owen Epigrams
Would Rosseter be the Calvus of Campion's Epigrams?
Robert Keysar

This page is a mess and has been lying around for a long time. I started out by putting some of this life history into my Works of Philip Rosseter page. I have now separated it to make it match my Life of Robert Jones page.
There is much to go in here from Jeffreys book and it gets confusing but it is better to have it out on the net in a jumble than to have it lost on my computer so I will just throw it up.

Under Construction.
This is an unfinished page that I hope to edit sometime in the future.

I will quote much of Edmund H. Fellowes' l922 preface to Philip Rosseter's "A Book of Ayres" (1601) to give a bit of background on Rosseter.
" The date of Rosseter's birth is not known, but it may be conjectured at about the' year 1575. Nothing whatever is known of him before he published this Book of Airs in 1601. " Our knowledge of Philip Rosseter has increased since the days of Dr. Fellowes' pioneering work. We now know of some instrumental pieces from manuscript sources, three galliards in William Barley's 1596 book 'A new Booke of Tabliture for the Orpharion' and more about Thomas Campion but we don't know where Rosseter was born. We know he born in about 1567/8 because "In a lawsuit concerning Dowland's Second Booke of Songs in 1601 he gave his age as 33."# Barley's 1596 book is now the first reference to Rosseter (I think) we know of.
Edmund H. Fellowes' from the preface, that he wrote in l922;
"He held 'office as one of the royal lutenists in the Court of James I., with an annual stipend of [pounds] 20 and an allowance of [pounds] 162s.6d. for livery. In 1609 he published a set of '' Lessons for the Consort: made by sundry excellent Authors, and set to sixe seuerall instrument." No other compositions of his were printed."

"Rosseter lost his friend Campian on March 1st, 1619-20, when the latter bequeathed him all his property, amounting in value to about [pounds] 20, expressing a wish" that it had bin farr more." Rosseter did not long survive his friend; he died in Fetter Lane on May 5th, 1623. and was buried two, days later at St. Dunsta's in the West, where Campian also was buried." ...

... "Rosseter was survived by his widow [Elizabeth] and two sons, Philip and Dudley, his brother Hugh also survived him. His nuncupative will was proved on May 2I."

Philip Rosseter's Family

Uncle Hugh Rosseter
"On the 9th July 1603 ... a marriage licence to Hugh Russiter, Yeoman and Anne Crosby ... Hugh died at his Whitefriars home on 22nd June 1632" - (page 77 John Jeffreys)
Hugh Rosseter

Elizabeth Rosseter - his wife
Philip's marriage to Elizabeth took place in 1597 - (page 54 John Jeffreys)
"Elizabeth might well have been Robert Henlocke's sister, for royal music-making was very much of a family affair in England. Vlam and Dart

"Of Philip and Elizabeth thirteen children three died in infancy ... Of Daniel, Ursula(2), Mary, Elizabeth, and James I know nothing further. - (page 75 John Jeffreys)
Ursula(2 )

Aug 19 1598 - Elizabeth Rosseter

Jan 2, 1600 Ursula(1) Rosseterd, Feb 2

Nov 18 1600 - Marye Rosseter

Nov 2, 1602 - Philip Rosseter - m. 1626 to Elizabeth Gibbons
"We must note a Philip Rosseter marrying one Elizabeth Stanton at St. Margaret Westminster on 25th June 1638." - (page 76 &77 John Jeffreys)

160 3/4 - Dudley Rosseter - m. 1641 to Sarah Wilson
Dudley Rosseter and his wife Anna Harper 0000000000000000000000000000000000001" (p 66 & 67. Vlam and Dart)

1605 William Rosseter . 1626
"apprenticed to [Thomas] Ravenscroft for no less than eight years from the 18th January 1619" - (page 76 John Jeffreys)

160 6/7 Thomas Rosseter - m. 1631 to Jane Fowler
"Thomas Rosseter, violin-maker. A Thomas Rosseter was living in the Hague in 1639. ... In 1644 (December 15) Thomas's son, Dudley (6) was baptized in St James' Church Utecht ..." (p 66 & 67. Vlam and Dart)

160 8/9 Rowland Rosseter - m. 1631 to Elizabeth Thomlinson

16 09/10 Daniell Rosseter

1611 - Ursula(2) Rosseter

Nov 24,1613 - Anne Rosseter - d. 1616

16 15/16 George Rosseter - d. 1622 Aug 8.

March 9, 1620/21 - James Rosseter
Where Jeffreys has no more on James, Vlam and Dart find a James Rosseter living in the Hague. Read my transcript below of their page 68.

Jeffreys does ?not seem aware of the 60's? ?artical about Rosseter's family in ?Holand. I wonder if Rosseter's family had anything to do with this publication. - Just a though.

Typed November 26 & 27, 2003. The Galpin Society Journal #XI May 1958

page 63. (first page) Christiaan Vlam and Thurston Dart Rosseter in Holland

The name Rosseter is mentioned rather frequently in Dutch .. archives ... We encounter Dudley, Thomas, Roulland, James and Phillip Rosseter ...
... He died in 1623, and his nuncupative will is in Somerset House (P. C. C., 41 Swann: original document, and transcript). The will was witnessed by his brother Hugh Rosseter (2), his son Dudley Rosseter (3) and Mrs Elizabeth Simpson, wife of William Simpson. All his property was left to his wife, Elizabeth Rosseter (4), and he appears to have had a second son Thomas Rosseter (5), whose godfather was presumably Thomas Campion.

page 64.
3. Dudley Rosseter, lutenist (b. c.1600 [160 3/4]). In 1626 (July 23) 'Dudlaeus Rosseter, Anglus' matriculated as 'Juris Studiosus' in the 'Album Studiosorum' of Leyden University. He was then 26 years old. We may well doubt if he took his legal studies very seriously. In 1632 he is already described as a 'Maistre de lute' in Leyden,1 and henceforward his profession is always shown as 'Luytslager' or (once) as Lutenist. In 1633 (April 2) he gave notice at Delft2 [2 Wedding announcement, Delft, vol.69, April 2, 1633.] ...

... Among them Joachim van den Hove, the teacher of ... His three printed books of lute-tablature, containing some English music, were in demand ...

http://www.cs.dartmouth.edu/~wbc/julia/ap2/index.htm Besard 1603 Thesaurus harmonicus - Besard 1617 NovusPartus ... Hove 1601
http://www.cs.dartmouth.edu/~wbc/julia/ap2/App2q.htm Hove 1601 Joachim van den Hove: Florida (Utrecht, 1601)
94/2-95/1 Pauana Lachrime. [index:] Pauana Lachrime. Lachrimae Pavan John Dowland [15] see separate list

103/1 COurante. [index:] Courante. Courant Charles Bocquet Fuhrmann 1615 172

107v/2 GRiensliefs. [index:] Griensliefs. Greensleeves Francis Cutting 31392 29/2 408/2 104/1 ----------------------------------------- Hove 1612
http://www.cs.dartmouth.edu/~wbc/julia/ap2/App2r.htm Hove 1612 - Joachim van den Hove: Delitiae Musicae (Utrecht, 1612)

36v PAvana. / Ioan Dovvlant. [index:] Pavana, Mr John Langton's Pavan John Dowland see appendix 4

45v-46 PAss. per beduer. [index:] Passemezo per beduer, Passamezzo Pavan Joachim van den Hove

51/2 Galliarde. / Diomedes. [index:] Galliarde, Galliard Diomedes Cato

59/2 Ballet Englese. / Incerte. [index:]Ballet, Lady Laiton's Almain John Dowland [48] see appendix 4
60v/1 ALmande. / I. v. H. [index:] Almande, Almain Joachim van den Hove

62v/1 COurante. / Mr Iacques Pollonois. [index:] Courante Courant Jacques Polonois

page 65. ...
... /typed Dec 5, 2003/ ... This brings us into touch with two other English musicians of some importance. In In 1626 Handcock was one of the English musicians in the service of the renowned Nicolaas Vallet, lutenist of Amsterdam. .. facsimale .. .. footnote ..

page 66.
Nicolaas was undoubtedly related to Adrian Vallet, engraver and publisher of the exquisite collection of lute music, Le Secret des Muses (1618-19), and perhaps also to a mysterious Adam Vallett who appears in the list of musicians receiving livery for the funeral of King James I in 1625.

5. Thomas Rosseter, violin-maker. A Thomas Rosseter was living in the Hague in 1639. In two affidavits11 made at his request, he is called 'Thomas Rossetter, zoon van Lijsbeth Huijlich'; these affidavits concern a love-affair between a dancing-master, Monsieur Franc[,]ois de la France, and a young woman called Ursula (according to the dancing-master, she was his English servant-girl). 'Huijlich' is not a Dutch name, and one's thoughs immediately turn to Thomas Rosseter (5), son of Philip's widow, Elizabeth Rosseter (4). The Christian names agree; moreover a Robert Henlocke, lutenist, appears in the list of musici [typed Dec 3, 2003] / ans granted mourning livery at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth I. Was Elizabeth Rosseter's maiden name Henlocke? It was the custom at this time for a widow to resume the use of her maiden name; see the reference above to Dudley's marriage to Anne Harper.
Musical families, then as now, tended to intermarry; Elizabeth might well have been Robert Henlocke's sister, for royal music-making was very much of a family affair in England. To a Dutch ear, the seventeenth-century English pronunciation of 'Henlocke' would be close to 'Huijlich.' This relationship can be no more than speculation at present; we are on firmer ground with 'Monsieur Franc[,]ois de la France', who is undoubtedly to be identified with violinist, Francis de la France, in English royal service from 1635 to 1638 at the fairly high salary of [pounds] 50 a year. According to the first affidavit (in which evidence was given by

page 67. Monsieur Franc[,]ois's landlord, Anthony Goij, the harpist), Ursula had fallen violently in love with the French dancing-master and followed him from England to Holland. Or so Monsieur Franc[,]ois said; Ursula's story was rather different, for she swore that he had abducted her against her parents' will. . . . It is a pity that the records do not show for certain how this romantic entanglement ended; they are badly written and incomplete, but they would seem to suggest that / Ursula was finally offered a home in Thomas Rosseter's own house.

In 1644 (December 15) Thomas's son, Dudley (6) was baptized in St James' Church Utecht, his godfather being his uncle. Dudley (3). During the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries families seem in general to have been very tenacious of Christian names, though musical historians have been rather shy in making use of this fact. The elder Dudly must surely have been named after the most famous of all Dudleys, Queen Elizabeth's Earl of Leicester, whom we may presume to have been his godfather. In 1651 Thomas Rosseter is met with once again at the Hague.12 In 167[?] he is called Thomas Rosetter, violin-

page 68.
maker. He was then living in the 'Spuystraet', in a house where obviously a signboard was hanging out representing three violins ('inde drie fiole').13

In the same town and street was living: ROULAND ROSSETER (7). In 1647 a man signing himself thus was living 'in de Spuystraet', at the Hague.14

Another in the same city was: JAMES ROSSETER (8), lute-maker. In 1645 'Jacobus Rosset' married 'Margareta Bauler' [Bowler], both parties being described as coming 'uyt Engelandt'.15
In 1647 /typed Dec 5, 2003/ a 'Jacobus Rosseth', who is certainly the same man, rented a house in the Hague, on the north side of the 'Lange Achterom'.16 In 1649 he is called 'James Rossiter, Luytmaecker', and admits that he owes his landlord Fl. 210 in back rent.17 In 1650 the same man rents another house, this time in the Spuystraet;18 but by now the lute was falling out of fashion, and this may be the reason why he became a painter. He is so described in 1680 ('Konstschilder');18 amung his different signatures are 'Jacobus Rosset' and 'James Rosseter'.

Yet another Rosseter living at the Hague was: PHILIP ROSSETER (9) lute-maker and violin-maker. Philip may have been the son of Hugh Rosseter (2); he arrived in Rotterdam as a widower from England, and married (in the Dutch Reform Church) Jannette van Alten in 1660.15 In 1664 they removed from Rotterdam to the Hague, evidently an attractive center for the Rosseters. ...

page 69. (last page)
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Not quite first posted March 30, 2008 but firstly posted on March 7, 2009.
Created, worked on and updated Sept. 29 2001, Feb. 28 2003, March 31, 2003, March 26 & 30, 2008 and other dates.
All materials are copyright 2001 2003 and 2008 Patrick Thomas Connolly
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