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Thomas Campian; English Poet and Lute Song Composer
(1567 - 1620)

A Study & Discography

Under Construction.
This is an unfinished page that I hope to edit sometime in the future.

Thomas Campion is known as England's only poet-musician and recognized as one the great lyric poets of the English language.
"...short metrically subtle stanzaic lyrics. Here the great master is Thomas Campion ... Campion is one of the pure larks of the English toungue ..."
The Lyric (i) The Poetry by Alicia Ostriker - 'English Poetry And Prose 1540-1674' - The Penguin History of Literature, Edited by Christpher Ricks, - page 96.
Robert Jones' Association with Thomas Campion
There are seven poems, known to be written by Thomas Campion, that were set to music and published by Robert Jones. There are likely other poems, of the some 90 poems by unknown authors in Robert Jones's books, that are the work of Thomas Campion.

Discography 1 - A. - Recordings dedicated entirely or mostly to Thomas Campion that I have in my collection.

English Ayres by Thomas Campian - The English Ayre Michael Chance (countertenor) and Nigel North (lute)
Released in 2000 on Linn Records. Linn Records web site:
*** EnglishAyre-Chance/North

Thomas Campion Lute Songs Steven Rickards (countertenor) and Dorothy Linell (lute)
Released in 1999. Naxos››8.553380, Naxos Internet site:
***Lute Songs-Rickards/Linell
Move Now With Measured Sound - Music by Thomas Campion - Robin Blaze (countertenor) and Elizabeth Kenny (Lute) with Mark Levy on lyra viol
Hyperion CDA67268 - 2001 -
Move Now Blaze/Kenny
Elizabethan Songs - Thomas Campion (1567 - 1620) Drew Minter (countertenor) and Paul O'Dette (lute)
Recorded November 1989. Classical Express, Harmnia Mundi USA - HCX 3957023. -
Elizabethan Songs Minter/O'Dette
the 4 CDs

Discography 1 - B. CDs with a few Recordings of Thomas Campion songs that I have in my collection.

Lie Down, Poor Heart - English Lutesongs & Folk Ballads - Daniel Taylor (countertenor) and Sylvain Bergron (lute)
Dorian Recordings 2000 ... Troy, New York ... www
***Lie Down-Taylor/Bergron

A Gardin For Delights - English Lutesongs From the Renaissance - Ian Partridge (tenor) and Konrad Ragossnig (lute)
The Sypress Curtain of the Night - Elizabethan & Jacobean Lute Songs - Michael Chance (countertenor) and Christopher Wilson (lute)
Chandos Records
Time Stand Still - Lute Songs on the Theme of Mutability an d Metamorphosis - Emma Kirkbe (soprano) and Anthony Rooley (Lute)
Hyperion CDA66186 - 1986
***Time Stand Still - Kirkbe/Rooley
Airs Britanica (also 'Purcell in the Ale House' 2001) - Pro Cantione Antiqua
1980, 1989 - TELDEC Classics
English Lute Songs - Chloris Sigh'd - by Mamiko Hirai (soprano) and Kenji Sano (lute),
Recorded at Gifu at Salamanca Hall, Japan, September, 2000. AEolian Records, 2001, AEO-518. Tokyo, Japan.
***Chloris Sigh'd - Hirai / Sano
The English Duet - by Mamiko Hirai (soprano) and Kenji Sano (lute),
Recorded Augut, 2007 - EMC Records 0013
***English Duet Hirai/Sano
O Ravishing Delight - Air Anglais - Alfred Deller
harmonia mundi s. a. 1969, 1999.
ORavishingDelight A.Deller
Grandi Voci - Air Anglais - Alfred Deller
Decca 1954 -1956 - GrandiVoci-A.Deller

English Verse Watt to Shakespeare - (Book on tape) read

Not in my collection.

The Lady Musick
by The Consort of Musicke - Anthony Rooley, dir. (lute) Emma Kirkby (soprano), Anthony Rooley
Recording date - unknown [1979 or prior] L'Oiseau-Lyre "Florilegium" DSLO 559-1 [LP]
For more on this LP go to Early Music FAQ at -
***Lady Musick /Rooley

Discography 2 - Thomas Campion, A Song By Song Discography

Songs from Rosseter's Book of Ayres (1601)

I. My sweetest Lesbia - Lute Songs-Rickards/Linell . EnglishVerse-Watt/Shakespeare Move Now Blaze/Kenny
II. Though you are young - Lute Songs-Rickards/Linell ***Time Stand Still - Kirkbe/Rooley
III. I care not for these ladies - ORavishingDelight-A.Deller . EnglishAyre-Chance/North . Lute Songs-Rickards/Linell . Elizabethan Songs Minter/O'Dette Move Now Blaze/Kenny
IIII. * Follow thy fair sun - ? No recording !! -
V. My love hath vow'd - EnglishAyre-Chance/North
VI. When to her lute - EnglishAyre-Chance/North . Lute Songs-Rickards/Linell . Lady Musick /Rooley
VII. Turn back, you wanton flyer - EnglishAyre-Chance/North
VIII. It fell upon a summer's day - EnglishAyre-Chance/North . Lute Songs -Rickards/Linell . Elizabethan Songs Minter/O'Dette Move Now Blaze/Kenny
IX. The Cypress curtain of the night, - ORavishingDelight A.Deller . EnglishAyre -Chance/North . Lute Songs-Rickards/Linell . SypressNight-Chance/Wilson . Elizabethan Songs Minter/O'Dette Move Now Blaze/Kenny
X. * Follow your saint - Chloris Sigh'd - Hirai / Sano. - (I recorded this song in 2015 and it should be on the net soon)
XI. Fair if you expect admiring - Lute Songs-Rickards/Linell . Elizabethan Songs Minter/O'Dette
XII. * Thou are not fair
XIII. See where she flies - Elizabethan Songs Minter/O'Dette
XIIII. * Blame not my cheeks
Move Now Blaze/Kenny XV. When the God of Merrie loue
XVI. * Mistress, since you so much desire - Move Now Blaze/Kenny - See 'The Fourth Book of Ayres' for Campion's parody
XVII. Your faire looke enflame my desire
XVIII. * The Man of life upright, -
XIX. * Hark all you ladies
XX. When thou must home to shades of underground
XXI. Come let us sound with melody - Lute Songs-Rickards/Linell . Lady Musick /Rooley

21 songs

Lord Hayes Wedding Jan. 5, 1607

instrumental consort Move Now Blaze/Kenny
Now Hath Flora - What Then Is Love - Boston Move Now Blaze/Kenny
Move Now With Measured Sound - What Then Is Love - Boston Move Now Blaze/Kenny - 'reemploys the melody of 'The Peaceful western wind'.'- 2nd book ***
Wedding of Princes Elizabeth & Palatine,
Woo her and Win Her - What Then Is Love - Boston Move Now Blaze/Kenny
The Lords Maske 1613
Second Dance of the Lord' Maque Move Now Blaze/Kenny

Thomas Campion - The First Book of Ayres (c.1613)

All looks be pale - EnglishAyre-Chance/North . GardinDelights-Partridge/Ragossnig Move Now Blaze/Kenny
* As by the streams of Babylon
Author of light - A.Deller-GrandiVoci . EnglishAyre -Chance/North . Lute Songs-Rickards/Linell . SypressNight - Chance/Wilson . Elizabethan Songs Minter/O'Dette Move Now Blaze/Kenny ***English Duet Hirai/Sano
* Awake, awake; thou heavy spirite
* Bravely deck'd, come forth bright day
Come cheerful day - EnglishAyre-Chance/North ***Time Stand Still - Kirkbe/Rooley
Jack and Joan - AirsBritanica . EnglishAyre -Chance/North . Lute Songs -Rickards/Linell . GardinDelights -Partridge/Ragossnig
* Lift up to heav'n sad wretch thy heavy spirite
* Lighten heavy heart thy spirite
* Lo, when back mine eye, pilgrim-like I cast
* Man of life upright, The
Most sweet and pleasing are thy ways - GrandiVoci-A.Deller . Lute Songs-Rickards/Linell
Never weather-beaten sail - Airs Britanica . A.Deller-Grandi Voci . EnglishAyre -Chance/North . Lute Songs-Rickards/Linell . Lie Down-Taylor/Bergron . SypressNight -Chance/Wilson . Elizabethan Songs Minter/O'Dette Move Now Blaze/Kenny
* Out of my soul's depth
* Seek the Lord
Sing a song of joy - What Then Is Love - Boston
To music bent is my retired mind - A.Deller-GrandiVoci . Lute Songs -Rickards/Linell
Tune thy music to thy heart - Lute Songs-Rickards/Linell Move Now Blaze/Kenny
* View me Lord, a work of thine
* Wise men patience never want
* Where are all thy beauties now

21 songs

The Second Book of Ayres (c.1613)

* Come away, come away
Come you pretty false-eyed wanton - Lute Songs-Rickards/Linell . Elizabethan Songs Minter/O'Dette
* Fain would I my love disclose
* Give beauty all her right
* Good men show if you can tell
* Harden now thy tired heart
Her rosy cheeks, her ever smiling eyes - Lute Songs-Rickards/Linell
* How eas'ly wert thou chained
* O dear that I with thee might live
* O what unhop'd for sweet supply
The Peaceful western wind, - WhatThenIsLove-Boston . EnglishAyre -Chance/North ***English Duet Hirai/Sano
Pin'd I am, and like to die - Elizabethan Songs Minter/O'Dette
Secret love or two, A - Airs Britanica . EnglishAyre-Chance/North
* So many loves have I neglectd
Sweet exclude me not - EnglishAyre-Chance/North . LuteSongs-Rickards/Linell . Elizabethan Songs Minter/O'Dette
There is none, O none like you - Lute Songs-Rickards/Linell * Though your strangeness frets my heart
* Vaine men whose follies make a god of love
* What harvest half so sweet is?
* Where shall I refuge seek?
* Where she her sacred bow'r adorns

21 songs

The Third Book of Ayres (c.1618)

Awake thou spring - Elizabethan Songs Minter/O'Dette
* Be thou then my beauty
Break now my heart - What Then Is Love-Boston . EnglishAyre-Chance/North Move Now Blaze/Kenny
* Come, o come my life's delight
Could my heart more tongues employ - EnglishAyre-Chance/North
Fire, fire - EnglishAyre-Chance/North . LuteSongs -Rickards/Linell . Elizabethan Songs Minter/O'Dette Move Now Blaze/Kenny
* Fire, that must flame
* If love loves truth
* If thou long'st so much to learn ***English Duet Hirai/Sano
Kind are her answers - EnglishAyre-Chance/North . Elizabethan Songs Minter/O'Dette
* Maids are simple
Never love unless you can - Elizabethan Songs Minter/O'Dette
* Now let her change
*Now winter nights - English Verse Watt to Shakespeare
Oft have I sigh'd - EnglishAyre-Chance/North . Chloris Sigh'd - Hirai / Sano
* O grief, O spite
O never to be moved - Elizabethan Songs Minter/O'Dette
* O sweet delight
Shall I come sweet love to thee - EnglishAyre-Chance/N . Lute Songs -Rickards/Linell . Elizabethan Songs Minter/O'Dette . EnglishVerse -WattToShakespeare
* Shall I then hope
* Silly boy 'tis full moon yet
* Sleep angry beauty
* So quick, so hot, so mad
So tir'd are all my thoughts - Elizabethan Songs Minter/O'Dette
Thrice toss these oaken ashes - GardinDelights-Partridge/Ragossnig
* Thus I resolve
What is it all men possesse? - Lute Songs-Rickards/Linell
* Were my heart as some men's are
* Why presumes thy pride?

29 songs

The Fourth Book of Ayres (c.1618)

I. Leave prolonging thy distresse - EnglishAyre-Chance/North Move Now Blaze/Kenny
II. Respect my faith
III. Thou joy'st, fond boy - Lute Songs-Rickards/Linell
IIII. Vayle loue mine eyes
V. Euery Dame affects good fame
VI. So sweet is thy discourse
VII. There Is A Garden In Her Face - EnglishAyre-Chance/North . LuteSongs -Rickards/Linell
VIII. To this sweet lute
IX. Young and simple though I am
X. Love me or not - Elizabethan Songs Minter/O'Dette
XI. What meanes this folly
XII. Dear if I with guile
XIII. O Loue where are thy shafts?
XIV. Beauty is but a painted hell - EnglishAyre-Chance/North . Elizabethan Songs Minter/O'Dette
XV. Are you what your fair looks express? - Elizabethan Songs Minter/O'Dette
XVI. Since shee euen shee
XVII. I must complain - EnglishAyre-Chance/North(This text was also set by John Dowland)
XVIII. Thinkest tho to seduce
XIX. Her fayre inflaming eyes
XX. Turne all thy thoughts to eyes - Lute Songs-Rickards/Linell
XXI. If any hath heart to kill
XXII. Beauty, since you so much desire - Lute Songs-Rickards/Linell . Elizabethan Songs Minter/O'Dette Move Now Blaze/Kenny
XXIII. Your fair looks - Elizabethan Songs Minter/O'Dette
XXIV. Fain would I wed a fair young man - WhatThenIsLove-Boston . EnglishAyre -Chance/North Move Now Blaze/Kenny

24 songs

Songs from Rosseter's Book ... (1601) - - - - 21 songs
* + Mask songs over 3?
The First Book of Ayres (c.1613) - - - - 21 songs
The Second Book of Ayres (c.1613) - - - - 21 songs
The Third Book of Ayres (c.1618) - - - - 29 songs
The Fourth book (c.1618) - - - - 24 songs
- = about 119 songs
Campion Recordigs I have - April 23 & 29, Nov. 12, 2000 - 2 CDs added February 3, 2002 - 1 CD added April 13, 2003. - Move Now With Measured Sound - Music by Thomas Campion added September 29, 2016.

This list of compiled by Patrick T. Connolly, with help from The English Lute Songs by S & B and other sorces
This page has similaraties to the Luminarium site but I beleive this page was posted before their site and it may be a case of them copying me - I did not copy there idea.
- Updated September 29, 2016 -

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