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Robert Jones' Sovereignty Association' with Richard Jones

Here are a few facts about Richard Jones.

in 1583?, he was ?with the Earl of Worcester's men, Richard Jones is, named as a member of Worcester's troupe in the abstract of the license of January I4, I583, in the Leicester records (Elza, stage, ii. 222). He was an actor along with Ed Allayn, who was 16 years old at the time, (he was to become so famous I need not tell you) and somebody called Richard? Browne, . 1585

March 1585 - we get the last notice of Worcester's men
in June 1585 - we get the first notice of the Admiral's men
Lord Howard became Lord Admiral in 1585. -- (He is famouse for being head of the English Navy, that sank the Spanish Armada in 1588.)-

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Some or all of Worcester's men entered his service.
Jan. 1586 - Richard Jones sold stock & apparel play books, instruments, & for other commodities, for -Pounds- 37 10s.
1586 - Admiral's men traveled & played court - also in 1585
1587 - Admiral's men kill a woman and baby in a shooting scene

1588 - Admiral's men visit Cambridge -

1589 - (Feb.- play court) Richard Jones sells stock to Edward Alleyn - reconstruction of co.?
On January 3, I589, he transferred to Edward Alleyn his share in a stock of theatrical goods which he held jointly with Edward and John Alleyn and Robert Browne (H. P., p. 21) This conveyance seems to mark either a break-up of Worcester's men or a internal change in the organization of the Admiral's men, and thus there is some uncertainty as to whether Jones was at this date with the Worcester or the Admiral troupe.

1? 1590 -? -first foreign exposition? - Oct. Richard Jones & Robert Browne' at Leyden - it seems that this left the Admiral's men week? - and they associated themselves with Lord Strange's men.

2? 1591 - d. Tustall sells stock to Edward Alleyn 2? 1592 - Feb. -2nd foreign exposition - Richard Jones Abroad with others but may have spent time in the provinces first.

In 1592 he joined Robert Browne's traveling company, for he is named in a passport issued on February 10, 1592, by the Lord Admiral giving permission for that company to travel on the Continent (Cohn, p. xxix).

2? 1593 - May - Edward Alleyn acting with Lord Strange's men. During 1592-93 the company, under the leadership of Browne, traveled in the Netherlands in Germany, visiting Arnhem and Frankfort. in the autumn of 1593 it was apparently disbanded.

1594 - Sept. - Richard Jones home before the Amalgamation of Lord Strange's men and Admiral's men. Dowton and Richard Jones in Admiral's men - Richard Jones buys gowns Jones certainly went back to England before September 2, 1594, when he bought from Henslowe " a manes gowne of pechecoler Jn grayne" (H. D., i. 26). At this date be had no doubt already become associated with the admiral's men at the Rose, With which troupe he seems to have continued during 1594-96.


By 1611 Jones was a "musician" in the service of Philip Julius, Duke of Wolgast. Two petitions from him are preserved (Meyer, Jahrbuch, xxxviii. 209-10) On August 30, 1623, he asked permission, with his fellows Johan Kostressen and Robert Dulant, to leave Wolgast and return to England on July 10, 1614, he wrote to the Duke that he had failed to get profitable employment in England, and asked to be taken again under his patronage.

A Richard Jones is traceable in the Southwark token- books from 1588 to 1607, and is perhaps the same whose marriage to Anne Jube is recorded on February 14, 1602 (Elza, Stage, ii. 324). If this last record refers to the player, Harris was probably his second wife. A Richard Jones is recorded as a puppet showman at coventry on January 11, 1638 (Murray, ii. 253).

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Robert Jones Published songs O - His B. M. and that is [not] the last we hear of Richard & Robert Jones. Now how did Robert Jones get started? - how would %"?he had practiced singing ever since he had practiced singing ever since he had practiced speaking?" and be %"of the secular tradition", have friends in high places Publish books & immediately b[e] known by Shakespeare? To get such advantages he may have had a father in the arts. We don't have any direct documents of Richard & Robert Jones
Most of the information on this page is from

"the Elizabethan Stage" E. K. Chambers and Will Shakespeare " E. K. Chambers
% P. Warlock quoting Jones 1926
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