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This is an unfinished page that I hope to edit sometime in the future.

I am here posting a few important items that will fit into a Robert Jones Time Line. I do not think they have ever been brought to the attention of anyone in regard to the life Robert Jones.

All the items below are quoted from two books; The Kings Music and Music At The Inns of Court (if that is the real title and not a chapter title). I am sorry I did not take better care to note more information on these books.

One entry, from a government document, seems to give evidence that Robert Jones participated in the funeral of Henry the Prince of Wales to whom he dedicated his third book to. Another entry, from a council meeting on June 22, 1613, indicates that maybe Robert Jones played at a mask. In Shakespeare time spelling was very erratic and I think someone might have written 'Jonas' for 'Jones' but Jones still was a very common name.

Another musician with the name 'Jones' that could cause confusion is trumpeter Peter Jones. The book entitled The Kings Music notes an item on December 24, 1620 about Peter Jones being appointed trumpeter in the place of John Jewkes - deceased. In 1625 he played at the funeral of King James I. Peter Jones name is spelled 'Peter Johns' in the document about the funeral.

It should be noted that records giving the name "Robert Jones," or something close to it, are relatively scarce compared to some of the other musician and lutenists of the time.

This item does not belong here, but the book, Music At The Inns of Court, gives some information on The Ramsay Manuscript, Douce 280, at the Bodleian library. It lists twenty dance tunes. The galliard called "Robertoes Galliard" seems to be a playful pun on dancing (a galliard is a dance) which involves 'toes' and the name of the composer 'Robert Jones'

I wonder if, Mr. Mynars (Mynors) or Mr. Midyare have anything to do with John Maynard who made lutesong book that was published in 1611. It was called 'The Twelve Wonders of the World.' Edward Doughtie says "Maynard took this set of twelve poems from the second (1608) edition of A Poetical Rhapsody ...".% This 'Poetical Rhapsody' was also Robert Jones's favorite source for poems.

Patrick Thomas Connolly - September 2002.

Music At The Inns of Court (ML 286.2 W48 1979) page 140
Council held on June 22, 1613 - mask

- Item to Mr Jonas and Mr Mynars, two of the muicions for the Mask, 6 li. 13s. 8d.

I have no record of Jonas, but Mynars (Mynors) was a member of The Kings Musik from 1612 on as a musician and for Prince Henry as a lutenist.

page 202 - 203.
Ramsay MS--Bodleian, Douce 280 f66av. This manuscript comprises a miscellaneous collection of notes, essays, translations, ect,. by John Ramseye, who studied at Peterhouse, Cambridge, 1602-3, and was admitted to the Middle Temple on March 23, 1605/06. ... it includes words for "Setts of Madrigalls for violls & voyces," by Mr. John Wilbye; "Songs & Dittyes for ye Lute & Viol de gambo," by Mr. Jno Dowland, Mr. Rob. Jones, and a Mr. Midyare. At folio 181b it is signed: John Ramseye. 1597 ... The best we can presume is that ... we are ... dealing with the practice at the Middle Temple. But it might also be describing a more general practice, common to any occasion or place in which reveling was indulged.

Bodleian, Douce 280 (c. 1610)

1. The ould Measures Quadran Pavan
3. The Earl of Essex Measures
5. The ould Almaine
10. Robertoes Galliard
15. The Lady Laytons Measures

The Kings Music (ML 286.8 L5 D3)
page 50.
Mr. Jonas - Funeral of Henry the Prince of Wales

% Edward Doughtie's 'Lyrics From Elizabethan Airs , 1596-1622'