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Robert Browne of the Elizabethan & Jockobite Stage

We know very little about the life of Robert Jones and the point, for me, of this page is to examine the life of Robert Browne (who we know was involved with Jones in teaching the Children of the queen's Revels company at Whitefriars) as an associate of Jones.

There is a document showing that a Robert Jones was with Brown in Germany in September 1602 but people have doubted that and said perhaps the name of Robert the lutenist is a mistake for Richard Jones the player who was often with Browne.

Robert Browne was a very important person of the Elizabethan / Jockobite theatre and well deserving of a web page. He was one of the leaders that brought English stage art to Eroupe.

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A Robert Browne [ or Richard Jones?] Time Line
Mostly taken from "The Elizabethan Stage" by E. K. Chambers (I will re-check someday)

3? 1595. - Brown with Maurice of Hess - in Germany
He appears as joint payee with Alleyn and Singer for the Court performances by the Admiral's company in December and January, 1594-95 (Steele, p. 108).
3? 1596. - Philip Kingman with Brown - in Germany
1597. - Feb. Richard Jones & Dowton split Admiral's men for Swan Theater venture - it flops they return to the Rose Theater of the Admiral's men & sign contracts Subsequently he joined the Earl of Pembroke's men, for with several other members of this company he is complainant in a lawsuit during 1597 against Francis Langley, builder and owner of the Swan playhouse (Wallace, Eng. Studien, xliii. 340; Adams, playhouses, pp. 168-74) As a result of the dissolution of Pembroke's company, caused by the production of The Isle of Dogs, Jones, on August 6, 1597, bound himself to play with the Admiral's company at the Rose; on October 11 his name is found in the accounts of that troupe (H. D. i. 82, 202), and from this time until 1602 he appears in the Diary as an admiral's man. He borrowed various sums from Henslowe, Paid personal debts, served as a witness to occasional transactions, and joined his fellows in acknowledging the company's debts. As an admiral's man (H. D., pp. 153, 154; Elza Stage, ii. 175)

1598. /M. C. Boyd 1598 - Instruments of Admiral's men 8 - 10 musicians may have been employed by each co./ 1599.
4? 1601. - Browne's 4th tour
he played Priam in Troilus and Cressida and Silva in The Battle of Alcazar (c. 1600-01).
4? 1602. - Richard Jones and Robert Shaw had left , and paid 50 ) from the Admiral's company. - Oct. definitely gone - Sept. Robert Jones with Brown in 1602. By February 7-13, 1602, he and Robert Shaw had left the Admiral's company, and the two had received 50 at their departure (H. D., i. 164). 4? 1603.
4? 1604.
4? 1605. -? "((Germany)) seemed attractive to Richard Jones who made at home sometimes a shilling a day sometimes nothing"?
4? 1606.
4? 1607.
1610. - January 4, 1610, Richard Jones & Robert Browne, Philip Rossetter & 2 others to teach the Children of the queen's Revels company at Whitefriars. Nothing further is heard of him until January 4, 1610, When he appears with his old leader Robert Browne, as patentees for the Children of the queen's Revels company at Whitefriars (Adams, Playhouses, p. 318).
1615. May? June 3, 1615, Robert Jones, Philip Rossetter Reeves & Kingman to build for the Children of the queen's Revels - a theater. A letter from Joans to Edward Alleyn (H. D., p.33, ). conjecturally dated about 1615 (Eliz, Stage, ii. 287), implies that Jones was again going to Germany, Probably with a company under John Green.
About 1616, his wife [Richard Jones?], Harris, inherited a lease of the leopard's Head in Shoreditch from her father, as shown by a letter to Alleyn, undated, but from internal evidence written before Henslowe's death on January 6, 1616, or at least before Jones had heard or Henslowe's death (H. D., p. 94, ). [Richard] Jones and his wife were then away from England, and they apparently remained on the Continent for an extended period.
1620. On April 1, 1620, Harris Jones wrote to Alleyn from Danzig. She was then expecting to join her husband, who was "with the prince," probably George William Elector of Brandenbur (Warner, p 53).

All materials are copyright 2001 to 2009 Patrick Thomas Connolly.
Page Bibliography

Most of the information on this page? is from
"The Elizabethan Stage" by E. K. Chambers
and Will Shakespeare " by E. K. Chambers

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