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- The Ancient History of One Person's Cats. - August 23, 2008.

At first (when she brought her home) one person's mother thought 'Chibi' was a male cat, but soon Chibi had 4 kittens. One was kept and named 'Aka' because it was red. Later Chibi had more kittens and one was named 'Mimi' and kept (were the rest were given away). Thus there were 3 cats and they were all reddish.

This was all in about the time that one person was in elementary or junior high school.

One day Aka wandered by a nearby fish restaurant and ate the fish scraps from the garbage can. These fish scraps were parts of puffer fish and Aka got sick and past away.

At a later time (after all these cats had past away) when one person was working in Kasei a stray cat was found at the post office. Milk was a white cat, of course , and he was a male cat. Milk got sick a lot and got injured by getting into fights.

One person made mother look after him when this person lived in another apartment and had started to live with Min Chan.

Min Chan

August 27, 1999.

This is Min Chan. According to one person this is the most beautiful cat in the world.
She was a house cat who used to growl at strangers. Min did not get enough exercise and developed heart disease.
Unfortunately Min died on April 28, 1997 at about 12 years of age.

Min Chan lived all of her life near Tokyo. This picture (below) is Min Chan, as a kitten, back in the mid 1980's.
This is Min Chan in her middle age.

This page was first updated on August 23, 2008. Before that the page had remained the same since August 27, 1999.

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