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Patrick T. Connolly's Animation Resume

I have considerable experience as an assistant animator * and also have done many of the chores in the field of animation such as, Designing, Xeroxing, Colour Check, and Cell Painting (sometimes called Opaquing).

I have been employed at these companies:

- Delaney & Friends Cartoon Production in Vancouver, B. C.
- Bardel Animation House in Vancouver, B. C.
- Atkinson Film Arts in Ottawa, Ontario
- Nelvana Ltd. Toronto, Ontario

Working on these films:

- *"Nilus the Sandman: The Boy who Dreamed Christmas" a 1/2 hour TV special -
- 'Shamu - *"The Beginning"'a 1/2 hour TV special -
- 'Shamu - "Don't Mess With Texas" - an anti littering message from the Texas government' -
- 'Pi Izadora - Video' - '"The Thing That Lurked in the Tub" - a California Arts student film' -
- *"Value Tale Theater - The Wright Stuff" a 1/2 hour TV special -
- *"The Legend of Hiawatha" a 1/2 hour TV special -
- Care Bears - *"The Land Without Feeling" -
- 'Bell Telephone - *"The Animated Network' -
- *"Raccoons and the Night Star" - an hour TV special in two parts -
- "Curious George" - "Heavy Metal The Movie" -
- "Easter Fever" a 1/2 hour TV special -
- "Intergalactic Thanksgiving" (call "Please Don't Eat Planet" in the UK.) a 1/2 hour TV special -

I also worked in computer animation in Japan. Go to my eigo Media Portfolio

With Phreap Philms I have some of my own independent films in the works;
One is - The Raving Biatrical Rider - This is a film about an old geek who will ride his bicycle anywhere and any dimension. This animation short may be made into a game.

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This is a frame of, a video pencil test of, my animation of Shamu. (The scene was, as was the film, deleted.)
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This is a drawing from "Raccoons and the Night Star" an hour TV special. The scene was trimmed and a few of my drawings were cut like this one that I recovered from the scrap box.