Pottery, hula and I

Most likely most people will think it very odd that to me hula and pottery are nearly one and the same. The elements of earth, water, air, fire and time are shared. I was born and raised in Hawaii and I fell in love with earth and water at about the same time I began hula. As a child I would fill a bucket with dirt, mix it with water and make shapes, decorate and leave them in the sun to dry. I never made this connection until I began ceramics at the University of Hawaii under Harue McVay. Academia was a maze until I wandered into the wheel room and was consumed; smell of the clay overpowered me and I knew in that instant this was where I belonged.


I was still dancing hula with my Kumu Hula Noenoe Zuttermeister in her garage in Kaneohe; her hulas have sustained me through all the years of being far from home. Over the years I have been blessed with many mentors Steve Keerl, Steve Tootell to name a few and most recently sensei of Shoshigaya Toboh in Setagaya-ku.