Let's make  Santa Claus

Do you know ORIGAMI in Japan?
It is one of our traditional crafts everyone can enjoy with only a piece of square paper.
A crane(bird) is the most famous one, I guess, however, I will introduce how to make Santa Claus.
It may not be so easy for you but let's try! 

I hope you will enjoy it !

Just prepare a peice of square paper, a pair of scissors
and paste or Scotch tape.

The paper should be red (the flont) and white (the back).
Fold a paper in two
Like this
Fold it in two again
Like this

Now a paper is devided into two sets of triangles.
Open the other triangle in a square
Like this
Turn it over
Make a square again with the another triangle
Got it?
Bend about 1/4-1/3.
This will be a Santa's hat.
Cut it.
Now you can see 2 peices of paper like this.
Turn it over and fold the square in two
Like this
Fold the triangle again
Like this.

Do you know what it will be?
It will be a Santa's beard !
Return the beard
It might be difficult to understand from this part.

Turn the square of the left side to the right (A).
Fold (A) to the left like this but only one side.

Return it.
Can you make 2 lines like this?
Do the same thing on the other side.

Remember, fold one side only.
Like this
Like this again
Now you can see 3 lines like this
Cut carefully the above line until the half
Like this.

Bend it over.
Do the same thing on the oter side.

Bend it over, too, like this.
Fold it down
Like this.

You cna make a Snata's beard now.
Let's make Santa's arms!

Cut carefully along the line
Like this but really CAREFULLY!
Can you see his arm like this?
Bend it over
Bend it over to the opposite side like this
Now let's make the another arm!

Cut like the same way.
Like this
Bend it over as the same way
Bend it to the opposite side.

Can you make 2 arms?
Hold the right square behind the right arm.

Fold it inside
Like this.
Hold the left square behind the left hand.

Fold it inside like the same way.
Don't you think it is getting to a Santa Claus?
Are you OK?

Let's make Santa's legs next!

First,  his left leg
You can see 2 red triangles behind his arms.

Now  bend the bottom of them.

Can you make like this?
Return it
Let's make the right leg as the same way.
Bend the another side like this..
Return it.
Turn it over!
Cut by the half on each leg.

However, do it carefully not to cut the FRONT LEGS!
Can you do it like this?
Bend it inside.
Like this
Now you will make a Santa's Bag!

(I don't know what itis called.)

Cut the top next to his head.

Be sure not to cut his HEAD !
Like this much.

And bend it down.
Let Snata hold the bag like this way.

Don't you see as if he is really holding his big bag?
You are almost finished!

Bend the behind part of his right leg inside.
Bend his toes like this.
Let's make his hat.

You have a triangle paper you have cut first.

Now bend the bottom of it like this.
Let's make him put on this hat !
Paste or stick it.
How do you think of it?

It is so cute, isn't it?

I hope you love it !

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