1.Suzukien (Fishing Pond)
Address:Suginami-ku,Asagaya-Minami 3-38-33
(A three minute walk from the south
exit of Asagaya Station)
Open:8 a.m. - until sunset
Fee:\550 per hour with rod, line and bait.
\300 yen for additional 30 minutes.

Fishing Pond 'Suzukien'
Fishing Pond "Suzukien"
The pond was founded in 1924. The present owner is the third generation of the founder.
There are two ponds, one is for gold fish (10mx10m), and the other is for carps (20mx20m). After fishing you can take with you up to three gold fish, but no carps. Until 1994 the place was three times as wide as the present one, and it also had a pond for Herabuna.

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