6.Asagaya-Kita Fureai-no-Ie : Day Care Center
Address:Suginami-ku,Asagaya-Kita 1-2-1

Front Entrance
Front Entrance
You can see the building located near the railroad tracks within a five-minute walk from Asagaya Station. This day care center is connected to the Sanju Asagaya Nursing Care Welfare Facility. It provides various services for the elderly who seldom have a chance to go out and enjoy themselves.

Their Services

* General Day Care Service (50 people a day)
Health check, bathing service, various hobbies such as pottery, haiku, tea ceremony, calligraphy, etc. are taught by professional teachers, while chorus, music therapy, Shigins (recitation of Chinese poems), dance, massage, etc. taught by volunteer teachers..

* Day Care Service for the elderly suffering from senile dementia (20 people a day)
Health check, bathing service, exercise, handicrafts, listening to music, and talking are some of the activities and services available.
They can relax and spend their days in a homey atmosphere.
Eligible users:Elderly formally recognized as being in need of and authorized to receive nursing care
Day:Any day from Monday to Saturday, except national holidays, year-end and new yearfs day
Time:1. 9:00~14:30, 2. 10:30~16:00 (4 ~ 6 hours)
Cost:440 yen ~1109 yen (depending on the level of your nursing care insurance.)
lunch (440 yen), bathing service, and bus pick up service are not included.

* Dinner Distribution Service
Users:Mostly 65 or older
Days:Three days from Monday through Saturday
Time:4:00~6:00 p.m.
Distribution Area:Asagaya -Kita and Minami, and its vicinity.

* Welfare Apparatus Display Center
Notice the specially designed spoon and forks.
Notice the specially designed spoon and forks.
Welfare apparatus (lift)
Welfare apparatus (lift)
There is various equipment for the disabled and the elderly, and also a renovated house for them.
Open:everyday except the year-end and new year days
Time:From 9 to 5 p.m.

Volunteers Invited:

As talking partners, distributors of lunch, etc. volunteers are wanted.
The elderly of this Day Care service have a chance to go out to department stores, museums, parks, etc. as they wish once a year, and they can also enjoy eating out in the restaurants nearby. If you can lend your hand at that time, it will be much appreciated. If you become friends with the elderly and care workers beforehand, it will be even more helpful.
Ms. Kubota enjoys playing Shogi (Japanese chess)with an elderly man.
Ms. Kubota enjoys playing Shogi (Japanese chess)with an elderly man.

Ms. Kubota says:
I learned Shogi for the first time in the culture course held by the Suginami Government several years ago. After we finished the course, we formed a Shogi Club and enjoyed playing Shogi for sometime. Though the club died out in the course of time, I wanted to continue Shogi, So when I found an advertisement saying gvolunteer wantedh, I applied for it immediately. And now I enjoy playing Shogi with Mr. OOO. When I see him excited about our game, it brings out my fighting spirit. But I also enjoy communicating with him. He always wants to win!
(If you are interested in volunteer work, please contact the Day Care center for details.)

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